I can do this and get paid!?

This past weekend I had my first official Party by Threaux! To say I was terrified would be an understatement. A few more feelings I was having: stressed, anxious, doubtful, excited…the list could go on but I’d need a thesaurus. Am I really doing this? Are they seriously paying me for something I love doing? Am I going to be good enough? What if they hate it? These were just a few of the thoughts bouncing around in my head the night before the party. Before I get into the details let me give you a little background on what the party was for.

A friend of mine mentioned that a friend of hers, that I’ve also known for several years, might be interested in having me assist with his son’s fourth birthday party. Great! It’s nothing huge like a wedding, but I’ll get to do something fun and creative, the perfect first gig for my brand new business. So, I called Adam, the birthday boy’s dad, and offered up my services. We began to talk themes and that’s when he dropped the bomb….ZOMBIES. Zombies? In December? Your son is how old? Challenge accepted.

He wanted to keep it simple. He was getting a bounce house for the kids which would keep them busy so we didn’t need a lot of games. I basically did some backdrops for the food tables and some wall décor. We found a fun photo prop on Amazon and I created a zombie graveyard out by the bounce house. The graveyard didn’t turn out quite as I expected thanks to the crazy wind that day blowing everything all over the place and the kids wanting to play with the inflatable zombies, HA! Every party there are more lessons learned, but all in all I was very happy with it.

When Giovanni, the birthday boy, walked in and saw the decorations he could not contain his excitement. And that was it. All my fear and anxiety left my body and I finally relaxed. I did it. He was happy, his dad was happy, and I survived my first job as an event coordinator.